It’s (Math)Hammer Time – Hand of Sigmar

So, with the new Innate Smash card announced today, I wanted to see how good it actually is for Cursebreakers, who are already pretty reliable.

Is it worth taking? Or are they already good enough?


Hand of Sigmar


Below you can see the different success stats for each attack type, with and without the innate:

Innate Math

In case it isn’t clear, the two blue columns are the difference in percentage points when you add innate (Added % points of success) and how much more accurate the attack became compared to the original value (% Success Increase).

For example, 2 smash vs 1 Dodge without the innate succeeds 59% of the time, and with the innate smash it succeeds 84.26% of the time. The innate adds 25.26% of success out of 100%, and 25.26% is 43% of 59%, meaning the innate attack is 143% as accurate as the original.

How good is this buff compared to other buffs? Lets compare this upgrade to another popular upgrade, Potion of Rage, which gives you +2 dice to your attack.

Here are the numbers for potion of rage compared to the original attacks:

Potion of Rage

Here is Potion of Rage compared to Hand of Sigmar:

Potion VS Innate

In case it isn’t clear, if the numbers in blue are positive, it means potion of Rage is Better than Hand of Sigmar, and if they are negative, it is worse. As you can see, they are about the same, but it depends on your target.

So, once you run the numbers, it becomes clear that having an innate smash is a VERY powerful buff, especially for a 2 smash attack.


  • Thanks to the Warband Odds app for the math on most of this.
  • Please let me know if you noticed any mistakes.

Edit: Hero Slayer:

Josh Bloor on Facebook mentioned using the Innate upgrade with Hero Slayer, so I checked the math on that as well.

The successful attack chance for 1 Smash with an Innate is:

  • VS 1 Dodge: 77% up from 36%
  • VS 1 Block: 69% up from 31%
  • VS 2 Dodge: 59% up from 26%
  • VS 2 Block: 46% up from 20%


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