July Warhammer World Grand Clash Breakdown Day 2

This is the second part of this Grand Clash Breakdown Article. You can find the first one here.

All of the data shown below can be found here onĀ Best Coast Pairings. Let me know if I made any errors or missed anything.

The Top 16

Below you can see a recap of the first day, and the players that made it into the final day of the event.


final score 1-8final score 9-16

The faction breakdown is as follows:

  • Mollog’s Mob: 5 players (45.45% of the 11 players on day 1)
  • Godsworn Hunt: 3 players (42.86% of the 7 players on day 1)
  • Cursebreakers: 2 players (15.38% of the 13 players on day 1)
  • Ylthari’s Guardians: 2 players (15.38% of the 13 players on day 1)
  • Thundrik’s Profiteers: 2 players (20% of the starting 10 players on day 1)
  • Magore’s Fiends: 1 player (25% of the starting 4 players on day 1)
  • Thorns of the Briar Queen: 1 Player: (14.29% of the starting 7 players on day 1)

* = The 13th spot, Tony Field, could not make it to the second day, so the 17th spot, Nick Bayton, also playing Cursebreakers, moved up to take his spot.

Round 1

Round one was paired as shown below, and the players in the the winner column won their match.


Mollog had a great round in general, with 3 of the 5 players progressing.

Godsworn, Cursebreakers, Guardians, and Profiteers were down to one player each.

Oliver brooks continued onto the next round as the only Thorns player.

Sean Matson and his Magore’s Fiends were knocked out on contention. An impressive showing as the only Shadespire Warband to progress this far.

Round 2

In round 2, the result of the top tables is shown below:


Once again Mollog had a good round, with 2 of the three players progressing towards the final.

Notably, Neil Snowball Hill got a rematch VS Tom Bond (who had been his only loss the previous day) and emerged victorious against the legendary Godsworn player (who was at this point on a 10 match winning streak at grand clashes)!

Jay Clare and Oliver Brookes won their matches to carry their Warbands forward.

Wojtek Szala also first match of the entire event. Very impressive to win 6 matches in a row, and sad to see the profiteers knocked out of the running.

The bottom tables resulted as seen below:


Round 3

Round 3 is the last Swiss round before the final.


Jay Clare and Neil Snowball-Hill make it through the third match, and will face off in the final!

The rest of the games this round went as follows:


The Winner

And the winner of the final between Jay Clare and Neil Snowball-Hill is:

Neil Snowball-Hill with Mollog’s Mob! Congratulations!

Neil played 9 best of three rounds over 2 days, and only lost one match to Tom Bond in round 3 day one.

He played against some of the best known players in the world:

  • Mollog (Benjamin Simpson)
  • Thorns (Kieron Clarke)
  • Godsworn (Tom Bond)
  • Magore’s (Nyle Ajina)
  • Mollog (Micheal Carlin)
  • Godsworn (John Rees)
  • Godsworn (Tom Bond)
  • Thorns (Oliver Brookes)
  • Guardians (Jay Clare)

A very impressive showing.

Final Stats

Below you can see the stats and undefeated progressions for day 2 by itself.


Total Event Stats

Below you can see the win rates of each Warband over the course of the entire event:

day 1 and day 2 final stats

One Sepulchral Guard player, one Cursebreaker, and one Magore’s player ended up dropping during the event.

Mollog’s Mob had the highest win rate and a great showing with 5 players in the top 16, and winning the event itself.

Thorns, Godsworn, and Guardians had solid performances with above 50% win rates, and made up 6 of the top 16 spots between them.

Cursebreakers and Profiteers had below 50% win rates, which is surprising given their perceived power and past performances, though 2 players from each warband did make the cut to day 2.

The second highest win rate was shared by Farstriders and Eyes at 60%. Only three players played these Warbands, but all had good showings despite not quite making the cut to day 2.

The Sepulchral Guard had a decent win rate of over 50%, though they did not make the cut to day 2.

Magore’s Fiends had a below 50% win rate, but one player did manage to make the cut to day 2.

Surprisingly, Zarbag’s Gitz did very poorly at the event, with the second lowest win rate of 31% and no players making the cut.

Boyz, Chosen Axes, and Spiteclaw’s Swarm did not perform very well at the event with win rates of 30-40% and no players making it to day 2.

Notably, no one chose to play Steelheart’s Champions or Garrek’s Reavers.

Below you can see the undefeated progression over the course of the event’s 9 rounds (through the cut, into day 2).

overall undefeated prog


Only 3 players made it to the end of the first day (round 5) undefeated. They continued undefeated through the 6th round on day 1, but were all defeated in round 7, at which point everyone at the event had taken at least one loss.

Thanks for reading!

If you’d like to see how this event effects the overall stats I’ve been tracking for this quarter (everything post YG/TP release) click here.

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