Announcing: The Well of Power (Now Live) Website

Update: The website is now live, and I will no longer be posting to this blog. Come find all of my current content on


Hello everyone,

Over the last few weeks (when I haven’t been off winning team tournaments lol) I have been working on something new for the community:


The goal of the website is to do everything this blog does now, but do a lot more, and way better.

First, I want Well of Power to be a hub and jumping off point for new and old players to find Warhammer Underworlds information and resources through resource pages and a constantly curated searchable and filterable Web Content Library. The front page also has a feed showing the five newest pieces of content in the library. This library links directly to the site of the content creators, spreading their work and giving them traffic.

The second thing the site can do is to give community members (you!) the ability to create and share deck guides with the community.

Myself and others have already created a number of guides (Some competitive, and others for for new players), and I am excited to see what sort of deck guides other people will come up with.

I am currently considering the site to be in “beta” mode and plan to improve things as time goes on. If you have any input or ideas on how to make things better, or want to help in some way, let me know. The site is for the community of this wonderful game, so I am open to ideas on how to make things better for everyone.

Some other things I would like to test out as time goes on are:

  • A forum for Underworlds conversation (currently working on the live site, but I’m not sure we really need one, let me know)
  • The ability to have guest content and articles if anyone would like to contribute articles on a one time or more more regular (let me know if that is something anyone would want to do).
  • Some kind of event calendar where people can post and search for local events.
  • Anything else cool worth adding.

Since the website should be able to do everything I do here and more, I will likely post here a lot less, unless it is something particular to me personally (winning glass, etc).

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