Helpful links, blogs, and other stuff

Below are some of my favorite places to go for Underworlds info, deck building, and other stuff. These have all been helpful to me, so you may like them as well:

Deck builders:

  • UnderworldsBD is my personal favorite deck builder for use on the PC. You can easily build, print, save, and share decks, as well as simulate drawing your cards.
  • The Official Games Workshop Deck Builder, based on the previous website udeck. It works alright, but I feel like there are better options out there.
  • Yet Another Warhammer Underworlds Deck Builder is an aptly named deck builder website that is feel is the best option for deck building on a mobile device.
  • Underworlds Deckers is another online deck builder that I think is cool because allows you to look at all of the cards you’ve picked as if they were laying down on the table in front of you.


  • Can You Roll a Crit? – Written by John Wynne Rees, a competitive player in the UK that rolls too many crits, this is a great resource for competitive insight and detailed tournament reports.
  • Steel City Underworlds – Written by a group of UK players, this blog has frequent posts with great content on a wide spectrum of WU topics.
  • Katophrane Relic – Written by Jamie Giblin, a competitive UK player, this blog contains a number of great articles on many WU topics.
  • Call It Shadespire – Written by Stephen Vonn, this blog contains a large number of in depth looks at specific cards and tactics. Really detailed and a deep dive into how to use each card.
  • Hexes and Warbands – This is a newer blog written by Aman, and fellow Texas player with tournament reports and various tactics articles.


  • Claim the City – The Original Underworlds podcast. A great group of guys in CA with lots of good information. A bit slow to release new episodes, though.
  • What The Hex – A new podcast that covers a new topic each episode in about 30 minutes (record time for most podcasts). Good analysis, but I always want more than 30 minutes!
  • Battle for Salvation Podcast – A longer (usually at least an hour) podcast by a group of east coast US players that go over a number of interesting topics.


If I am missing any cool underworlds resources, let me know. I always want more cool stuff to look at!