Event Data

Below you can find the accumulated faction data from as many Warhammer Underworlds events that I can get the data from.

My goal here is to get as large a view of the current meta as possible.

I automatically gather all complete data from the below sources as I am able to. If I missed an event, or you have an event that was not on these sources but you have the data available, feel to let me know directly and I will add your event.

Let me know if there are any other stats that are worth tracking and I will add them if I can easily do so.

I plan to keep this up to date as much as possible.

Grand Clash Breakdowns

When the data is available, I also enjoy doing separate breakdowns of Grand Clashes like the ones linked below:

Quarter 3:

Below is the data for Nightvault Q3 (after the TP/YG release):

Quarter 2:

Below is the data for Nightvault Q2 (FAR2.0 to YG/TP release. You can see a data breakdown of this quarter here.