Underworlds Buy Order: Post Thundrik’s and Guardians

The goal of this post is to give new players an idea of the best order to buy the expansions with the goal of having as many of the best Universal Cards in mind. 

Some notes:

  1. You should plan to buy everything at some point. Cards are what this game is all about, and it’s a lot of fun trying out all the factions. 
  2. If you like a faction, buy that one first. You’ll likely have more fun playing a faction you like than having 1-2 more good cards to play with.
  3. Plot out your purchases based on the decks you want to build. 
  4. As more cards come out the importance of each card goes down sightly, so this list gets harder to make, and the order you go in gets less important. Use this as a reference and a guideline, and feel free to skip my preferred order if the deck you want to build needs some cards more than others.
  5. Blue indicates a card is Restricted

Buying Order:

If you can’t buy everything all at once, this is the order you should probably go in:

#1: The Nightvault Starter Set

The Nightvault starter set comes with everything you need to play the basic game:

  • Two Game boards, tokens, dice, rules, and basic starter set cards.
  • Two great Warbands: Stormsire’s Cursebreakers and Thorns of the Briar Queen with all of their faction specific cards.
  • Five cards you can’t get anywhere else: Escape Artist, Determined Effort, Vital surge, Grinding earth, and Lucky Trinket.

This box is practically required in order to play this game, as you will need things like dice, boards, tokens, objective markers, and so on. It’s also an excellent value and come with two very powerful Warbands with very different play-styles so it’s a great entry point into the game.

The start set comes with a starter deck for both factions, and I would recommend playing a few games with a friend using this deck before you open the 3rd pack, which contains more cards you can use to customize and optimize those decks a bit further.

By playing three or four games with these decks, you will get a feel for how the game works, how the two factions work, and be able to better understand how new cards might be useful when you do finally dig into them.

At some point, though, the starter decks will not be enough, and you will want to begin building your own powerful decks. To do that you will need to obtain more cards, which is where the other Warband boxes come in.

#1.5 The Shadespire Starter Set

If you can find it, it might be worthwhile to pick up the Shadespire starter set in addition to the Nightvault starter. It comes with more stuff you use to play the game at pretty much no extra cost over what you’d pay for two other Warbands, so I would recommend it:

  • Two more game boards, more tokens, and more dice (but no magic dice).
  • Two more great Warbands, Steelheart’s Champions and Garrek’s Reavers, with all of their faction specific cards.
  • Five cards you can’t get anywhere else: Healing Potion, Total Offense, Sprint, Disengage, and Shardfall.
  • The ability to play 4-player games with the two starter sets combined.

At some point this box is going to become hard to find, and if you can’t find it don’t worry, you can get nearly everything that is in it separately, and you don’t NEED the extra boards and tokens, thought they are nice to have around.

Note: If you do not get this starter set, you can still get Garrek’s Reaver’s and Steelheart’s Champion’s Warbands in their own separate boxes. Just be aware that if you buy these boxes YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY THE ECHOS OF GLORY BOX since they each come with half the cards from that pack.

#2 Warbands and card packs

Once you have the start set(s) and figure out the basics of the game, you are going to want to get some more Warbands. Being able to switch between factions with relative ease is one of the cool things about this game, and the models are great, so collecting them is quite rewarding even before you consider all of the great universal cards the Warband packs come with. The Leaders and Echos of Glory card packs only come with cards, but you will likely want to pick them up at some point as well.

It is perfectly valid to purchase the Warbands in the order you wish to try them out on the table top, but I would also recommend looking at the cards they come with. You can see all of the cards and filter them by the sets they come with here, and you can also build decks for Warbands here.

If you aren’t able to purchase all of the Warbands at once, I would recommend the following order based on the power and number of useful cards inside. Of course feel free to skip around based on your preference, since most of the packs have at least 3-4 useful cards in them.

My preferred order in the post-BAR 2.0 release is:

  1. Spiteclaw’s Swarm
  2. Zarbag’s Gits
  3. The Farstriders
  4. Magore’s Fiends
  5. Thundrik’s Profiteers
  6. Mollog’s Mob*
  7. Eyes of the Nine
  8. Echos of Glory OR Steelheart’s Champions + Garrek’s Reavers boxes
  9. Chosen Axes
  10. Ironskull’s Boyz
  11. Godsworn Hunt*
  12. Ylthari’s Guardians
  13. Leaders pack
  14. Sepulchral Guard

* = If you are playing a Warband with Wizards and want to use a lot of spells, these may be worth getting a bit sooner.

A closer look at the best cards:

If you’re interested in exactly what cards these Warbands come with that are so worth having, I’ve listed my favorite’s from each pack below. I am sure I missed some good cards (let me know what you think I missed) but this should cover the majority of it. I would recommend looking these cards up on https://www.underworldsdb.com and planning which ones you want to pick up first.

  • Spiteclaw’s Swarm: A large number of solid, useful cards. Rebound, Last Chance, Escalation, Acrobatic, Spoils of Battle, and Master of War stand out to me as the best of them. With Extreme Flank banned, Alone in the Darkness is looking much better as well. 
    • #235 Alone in the Darkness – Restricted now, and a bit harder to score now that there are more larger Warbands and Great Concussion is gone. 
    • #257 Escalation – A very easy to score objective, especially in the second or third action phase, that is worth 2 glory. Still popular despite being on the Restricted list. 
    • #272 Master of War – A fairly easy objective that rewards you for doing things you were probably going to do anyway.
    • #298 The Bigger they Are – A decent objective for Farstriders.
    • #336 Last Chance – A fairly reliable way to avoid damage on fighter’s with dodge.
    • #349 Rebound – Less reliable than Last Chance, but much more painful when it works.
    • #358 Shattershard – A great way to get rid of annoying upgrades even if it is a 50/50. 
    • #362 Spoils of Battle – A great way to get an early Upgrade Card equipped. 
    • #374 Acrobatic – A very good defensive card for dodge fighters.
    • #376 Awakened Weapon – A very solid reliability upgrade. Being restricted, it competes with a lot of others cards now. 
    • #386 Ethereal Shield – A solid upgrade, though not usually better than Acrobatic.
    • #394 Hero Slayer – A good weapon if you have a way to make it more reliable with +1 dice or re-rolls.
    • #412 Shadeglass Hammer – A solid one-use weapon. Good for turning a low value fighter into a dangerous one. Not quite as good as the Shadeglass Dagger, so unlikely to see that much play. 
  • Zarbag’s Gits: The Gitz don’t have very many restricted cards in their set, and they have a large number of very useful tech cards. It took a hit with the banning of Extreme Flank, but still has a lot of great cards. 
    • #N340 Keep Them Guessing – A Very good objective for Warbands with fighter card actions, especially if those actions also cause another of the required actions (Goblins and Skeletons).
    • #N368 Solid Gains – A fairly easy Objective Card for most Warbands to score during any round of the game.
    • #N371 Sorcerous Scouring – Good for Warbands that have high magic damage such as Cursebreakers or Eyes of the Nine. An even better card now that Advancing Strike, Defensive Strike, and Precise use of Force are Restricted. 
    • #N388 Abasoth’s Unmaking  Objective play is back now that Great Concussion is banned, so this card is a great way to counter enemy Supremacy.
    • #N412 Encroaching Shadow – A decent source of damage, slightly counters Hidden Paths and Extreme Flank setups. Even more useful now that Trap, Pit Trap, and Twist the Knife are Restricted. 
    • #N432 Mirror Move – An nice mobility option, especially for larger Warbands. 
    • #N436 Pit Trap Very similar to, and combos with, Trap. Will likely see less play now that it is Restricted. 
    • #N499 Faneway Crystal – A powerful mobility card. Great for getting powerful fighters into the right place at the right time, or snagging an objective.
    • #N501 Fighter’s Ferocity – With most of the other +1 damage cards Restricted, this card becomes useful for most Warbands, especially those with 3 attack dice. 
    • #N514 Mutating Maul – A way to score What Armour?, and a generally decent attack upgrade. 
    • #N529 Potion of Rage – A powerful one-use boost to attack reliability. One of the better un-restricted combat upgrades. 
    • #N548 Tome of Incantations – A good way to make a wizard more reliable at casting spells. The same as Arcane Familiar, but also a Katophrane Tome, which can help towards scoring Acolyte of the Katophranes.
  • The Farstriders: Despite being hit very hard by the Bans and Restrictions, there are still some great cards in here that are quite useful for most Warbands. 
    • #234 Advancing Strike – A good objective card. Possibly worth unlocking for aggressive decks. 
    • #243 Change of Tactics – A very easy to score objective card, especially if you have a ploy that can put your fighter’s on guard. One of the better Restricted cards in my opinion, since it can get you glory on the first turn. 
    • #252 Defensive Strike – A good objective card. Possibly worth unlocking in defensive decks. Will likely be replaced in many decks by Martyred. 
    • #326 Frozen in Time – An interesting way to lock an enemy fighter down for a phase.
    • #334 Inspiration Strikes – A very good card for many Warbands that have a difficult inspiring their fighters. 
    • #356 Shardgale – A strong card in some decks.
    • #356 Spectral Wings – A great way to unexpectedly close a distance. 
    • #372 Twist the Knife – A great card for adding damage to a successful attack and finishing an enemy fighter off. Still worth taking in many aggro decks. 
    • #373 A Destiny to Meet – A good upgrade, but will likely see a lot less play except in very defensive decks that don’t need the Restricted slots for something else. Formless Key and Hero’s Mantle will likely replace this one in most decks. 
    • #378 Concealed Weapon – A solid upgrade card for models with 3 attack dice. It should see more play now that most of the other +1 damage cards are Restricted. It notably only works on range 1 attacks. 
    • #395 Incredible Strength – A very strong card because you double up in your decks with #391 Great Strength. However, it is probably not worth the Restricted slots in most decks. 
  • Magore’s Fiends: Lots of good stuff here as well, and not as effected by the Bans/Restrictions as some others. 
    • #244 Chosen Champion – An easy to score objective for many Warbands.
    • #271 Massive Assault – A possible objective for many high damage Warbands.
    • #273 Masterstroke – Combos well with reactions like Trap, Pit Trap, Ready for Action, My Turn, and other cards. Most of these abilities are restricted though.
    • #306 Victory After Victory – A decent objective if you have a high number of score immediately objectives in your deck. 
    • #331 Hidden Paths – An excellent card that grants powerful mobility
    • #335 Invisible Walls – A good card to lock the board down for an activation.
    • #340 Mischievous Spirits – One of the best ways to stop the other player from scoring hold objective cards in the game. 
    • #343 My Turn – A good way to get more attacks. Combos well with self damaging cards like Shardgale, Blood Offering, Damning Pact, and others. Worth taking if you have a way to proc it yourself, or if you have a lot of wounds and are likely to survive attacks. 
    • #354 Second Wind – A card that lets you attack again even after you’ve charged. Very nice in the right deck. 
    • #365 Tainted Vitality – The natural counter to Shardgale. 
    • #383 Dark Darts – A solid ranged attack that is great for scoring What Amour? and Change of Tactics.
    • #384 Deathly Fortitude – One of the best durability cards in game, and now Restricted.  
    • #410 Shadeglass Dagger – A powerful one-use weapon upgrade. Good for turning a low value fighter into a dangerous one. Still worth the Restricted slot in some decks. 
    • #424 Tethered Spirit – A useful upgrade, but not as likely to see play due to it’s Restricted status. 
    • #427 The Formless Key – An easy way to score a glory at the end of the game. Not as good as Destiny to Meet, but not Restricted. 
    • #433 Trusted Defender – A solid durability upgrade. 
  • Thundrik’s Profiteers: Lots of good cards in this one.
    • #N299 Branching Fate – A good objective for 3 dice warbands (45% chance to score it).
    • #N302 Calculated Risk – An amazingly easy objective.
    • #N309 Death From Afar – A decent objective for ranged Warbands.
    • #N377 Tactical Supremacy 2-5 – Another one of these is nice.
    • #N384 Versatile Fighter – A decent objective for ranged Warbands.
    • #N390 Aetherflux – A good way to make hard spells easier or enemy spells harder.
    • #N445 Shifting Reflection – An interesting teleport card.
    • #N451 Sphere of Aqshy – A great damage spell
    • #N461 Stand and Shoot – A great ploy for ranged warbands. Combo’s well with attack again cards since the second attack can drive back, or with upgrade cards like Blessing of Hydros or Duellist’s Speed since you can push away from the card.
    • #N480 Blessing of Hydragos – A good mobility upgrade.
    • #N494 Earthing Stone – An interesting objective denial card.
    • #N507 Hammer of Scorn – A good source of knockback 2.
    • #N509 Hunter’s Tenacity – A nice way to steal an objective from someone.
  • Mollog’s Mob: This set has a lot of great cards, including many great cards for Wizards. If you plan on playing a Wizard Warband, this may even be worth picking up before some of the ones above it, but generally it has some great cards for everyone. 
    • #N314 Disdain for Knowledge –  A card that might be worth considering if relics become so popular as to be in every deck. 
    • #N 320 Frugal  –  A fairly easy to score objective card but nothing to get too excited about. 
    • #N322 Get Thee Hence – Not quite as good as What Armor? since you don’t want the target to die, but a pretty solid score immediately card. 
    • #N323 Giant-slayer –  A very good Objective Card now that health upgrades are so common.
    • #N338 Keep Chopping –  A great card for aggressive Warbands. Note that it doesn’t seem to count Attack actions that take place in the power step (like Ready for Action).
    • #N363 Press the Advantage – Good when you end up having to go first at the start of the game and likely have more glory during your first scoring phase. 
    • #N401 Commanding Stride –  A great card for leader mobility. 
    • #N418 Grievous Riposte –  A great way to do some free damage and punish a failed attack. The more defense dice you have the better. 
    • #N444 Shadowed Step –  Very similar to Hidden Paths. Teleport cards are always good. 
    • #N453 Sphere of Chamon –  A great way to de-buff enemy defense down to one block. 
    • #N467 Transfixing Stare –  A very powerful card for locking up powerful enemy models. 
    • #N477 Bag of Tricks – A truly amazing upgrade
    • #N482 Blessing of Vitrix –  Innate channel is always good for spell heavy Warbands. 
    • #N485 Challenge Seeker –  A solid +1 dice upgrade for some Warbands in most situations.
    • #N510 Loathe Stone –  A really effective way to shut down magic if you can stay close to the caster. 
    • #N517 Nullstone Dagger –  A very accurate weapon upgrade with cleave on crits. 
    • #N525 Possessed Weapon –  An interesting way to get another source of +1 damage. 
    • #N551 Tome of Vitality –  A +1 wound upgrade that is also a Tome. Nice. 
    • #N556 Warding Scroll –  A great way to stop someone from casting spells. Can create a bit of a mind game to see if you save it for the right spell. 
  • Eyes of the Nine: More good cards here, but maybe not something for every Warband.  
    • #N291 Acolyte of the Katophranes – A card that is now playable with six tomes released. One of the higher scoring 3rd end phase objectives, but requires some deck focus. 
    • #N319 Fired Up – A very simple to score objective. I think of cards like this as “free glory for playing the game” so I am glad it is restricted. 
    • #N326 Great Gains – Good if you have a lot of other 2-3 glory objectives like Supremacy as well as a high number of score immediately cards. Harder to pull off post Bans/Restrictions, but still a potentially good card. 
    • #N378 Tempting Target – A decent score immediately card. 
    • #N385 What Armour? – A good objective for Warbands with uninspired Cleave such as Skeletons and Magore’s. It also combos very well with the Mutating Maul. 
    • #N389 Abasoth’s Withering – A decent way to make enemy fighters killable, made more useful with the Restriction of many +1 damage cards. 
    • #N395 Arcane Smothering – A card that will get more valuable as more and more spells with persisting effects come out. 
    • #N404 Counter Charge – A good mobility/reaction card.
    • #N426 Irresistible prize – A potentially useful mobility/disruption card.
    • #N448 Sorcerous Insight – A potentially powerful ability if you can successfully cast it to pull out another powerful card.
    • #N452 Sphere of Azyr – Easy to cast and a decent way to add damage to a fighter. 
    • #N473 Arcane Familiar – A good way to make your Wizards more reliable.
    • #N537 Seeking Stones – A decent ranged attack upgrade.
    • #N543 Sudden Growth – A double of Deathly Fortitude. Both are Restricted so you are unlikely to need both. 
  • Echos of Glory OR Steelheart’s Champions + Garrek’s Reavers boxes: First, it’s worth reminding that all of the universal cards found in the standalone boxes for the SCE and Reavers can be found separately in the Echos of Glory card pack. If you did not purchase the Shadespire start set and do not have those Warbands, you will likely want to purchase their boxes, but if you do have the Shadespire starter box, Echos of Glory is the way to go for these cards. Now that that’s explained, here are the notable cards in each set:
  • Reavers:  Probably the better of the two boxes due to Gloryseeker and Martyred. 
    • #N308 Dashed Hopes – An okay objective card you can probably score most of the time. 
    • #N347 Martyred – A good card for large war bands that are likely to lose models. 
    • #N357 Opening Gambit – A fairly easy objective to score.
    • #N391 Aggressive Defense – Good if you have the health to take a hit. 
    • #N400 Center of Attention – A good way to get fighters on or off an objective, or into/out of attack range. 
    • #N405 Damning Pact – A very powerful boost to some spells. This can also proc My turn. Particularly good for Cursebreakers.
    • #N417 Ghoulish Pact – A good way to proc My turn, as well as get a free upgrade. Also inspires Ork Boyz. 
    • #N503 Gloryseeker – A great card for getting to 4+ damage now that the other +1 damage cards are Restricted. 
    • #N522 Nullstone Sword – A very accurate weapon upgrade.
    • #N527 Potion of Constitution – A decent way to effectively gain 1 health. 
    • #N539 Slumbering Key – a copy of the Shadespire card A Destiny to Meet. Probably not going to see much play since it has to compete with other Restricted cards. 
  • Steelheart’s: I would actually put this one below Leaders if you were to buy it separately, but it does have a number of good cards for aggressive Warbands, namely Strong Start and Haymaker. 
    • #N305 Combination Strike – A good card for decks with a high number of score immediately cards. 
    • #N367 Singled Out – A solid card if you plan on upgrading one fighter a lot. Copy of Chosen Champion. 
    • #N373 Strong Start – Similar to martyred, but better for the more aggressive Warbands.
    • #N420 Haymaker – A very good attack buff ploy, especially when used in the last activation of a phase, or on a throwaway fighter.
    • #N427 Lethal Ward – A decent way to add damage to a fighter. Better now that other damage cards are Restricted.
    • #N441 Regal Visions – A good way to inspire your fighters. 
    • #N486 Champion’s Fortitude – A good defensive upgrade.
    • #N486 Potion of grace – A good upgrade that combos well with hidden paths. 
    • #N546 Tome of Glories – A tome, and a way to milk a few points of glory with activations. 
  • The Chosen Axes: This pack was hit hard by the Restrictions, but still has Ready for Action, which is likely the single best Restricted card in the game right now. 
    • #277 No Remorse – A decent objective for Warbands with lots of 3+ damage attacks
    • #284 Precise Use Of Force – A very easy to score objective card.
    • #310 Confused Priorities – A possibly useful card if numbered objectives ever become important, or if you use any of the numbered key upgrades. 
    • #321 Earthquake – A solid disruption card, made better by the banning of Great Concussion. 
    • #327 Fuelled by Fury – One of the better attack buff ploys as it allows you to re-roll more than one dice. 
    • #344 No Time – A very interesting card that can potentially shut down a number of enemy combos. Note it also stops upgrades being applied during the scoring phase per the FAQ. 
    • #348 Ready for Action – A very powerful card and a great way to get a second attack off after a charge. 
    • #369 Trap – A great card for any Warband that, unlike Twist the Knife, has no range restriction. Use it to boost your damage and one shot valuable enemy fighters.
    • #403 Light Armor – An interesting and sometimes useful upgrade.
    • #409 Shadeglass Axe – A solid weapon upgrade now that the Dagger and Hammer are Restricted. 
    • #417 Shifting Image – A decent mobility upgrade, especially for fighters with ranged attacks and 3 attack dice like the Queen. 
    • #435 Vampiric Weapon – Possibly a good way to heal Mollog. 
  • Ironskull’s Boyz: Honestly not much here you can’t find similar to in other boxes, but still some useful cards. Superior Tactician and Distraction stand out to me the most. 
    • #282 Ploymaster – A fairly easy to score card
    • #291 Superior Tactician – A very good card used to boost your end game glory. Probably the easiest to score 3rd phase 3 glory card.
    • #318 Distraction – A good way to disrupt enemy objective scoring, or move them into attack range. 
    • #308 Victorious Duel – A good card for Warbands where the leader does much of the heavy lifting (Skaven, Reavers, etc).
    • #320 Duel of Wits – A decent way to move through your deck a little
    • #341 Misdirection – A good card if very strong ploys are being played on your fighters. Might be decent for Mollog. 
    • #359 Shifting Shards – A decent way to get an objective where you want it. 
    • #381 Cursed Artefact – A possibly worthwhile upgrade for Mollog. 
    • #382 Daemonic Weapon – A powerful weapon. Good for the Boyz as it inspires them, or most weak fighters who typically die to 1 hit anyway. 
    • #387 Flickering Image – A mobility card that could be decent on a 3 dice attacker, ideally with some range, such as the Briar Queen or Warden. 
    • #411 Shadeglass Darts – A solid ranged attack upgrade. 
    • #416 Shardcaller – Good if you have Objective Cards that want you to hold specific objectives.
  • Godsworn Hunt: This pack has a number of cards that are good for Wizards, but not much otherwise worth rushing after other than Tome of Offerings. 
    • #N343 Longstrider –  A good card for Mollog, but hard to score for most other Warbands without some set up. 
    • #N414 Ephemeral Form –  A pretty decent card for Mollog and other single defense dice Warbands.
    • #N440 Razormaw Swarm–  Hard to cast because you need a crit, but lots of damage potential. 
    • #N454 Sphere of Ghur –  An easy to cast spell and a good way to get +1 dice. 
    • #N460 Spirit Sacrifice –  A very good way to make sure a spell goes off. Opens up some of the harder spells to cast. 
    • #N469 Unfocused Blast –  An easy to cast spell and a fairly reliable way to do at least one damage. 
    • #N474 Arcane Focus  –  One of the few ways in the game to get an innate Focus. 
    • #N475 Arcane Savant –  Good for any level 1 wizard. Especially good for the Godsworn. 
    • #N476 Archer’s Focus–  AKA awakened weapon for Wizards. A great card for any of the range 3 Warbands. 
    • #N479 Blessing of Argentine –  A good way to discourage people from attacking someone important like Mollog. Be aware that it may share the same reaction window as a few other cards. 
    • #N521 Nullstone Spear –  A solid attack upgrade with range 2. 
    • #N550 Tome of Offerings –  An amazing Upgrade Card for any Warband that plans on killing people.
  • Ylthari’s Guardians: A few powerful upgrades here, but that is about it.
    • #N345 Magical Storm – A decent objective for spell casting decks
    • #N429 Lifesurge – A copy of Tainted Vitality.
    • #N465 Terrifying Visage – A nice durability spell vs melee Warbands.
    • #N493 Duellist’s Speed – A great mobility upgrade.
    • #N500 Fated Blade – A nice weapon upgrade.
    • #N557 Well of Power – A great upgrade for wizards with a spell attack.
  • Leaders pack: A few useful ploys, but nothing to rush for when buying things on a budget. The push cards are particularly nice for hold objective Warbands. 
    • #L16 Raptor Strike – An excellent faction card for the Farstriders, but not usable by anyone else.
    • #L20 Great Slayer – Possibly a good card for Mollog.
    • #L24 Shining Example – Good for easy to inspire Warbands like Skaven and Dwarves.
    • #L25 Slayer – Possibly a good card for Mollog.
    • #L38 Inspired Command – A decent tech card to help score Change of Tactics or move someone onto an objective.
    • #L42 Quick Advance – A great card to push two fighters back onto objectives, or or into attack range. Only limited by not applying to the leader. 
    • #L49 Hero’s Mantle – A card worth considering now that Slumbering Key and A Destiny to Meet are Restricted. 
    • #L56 Rising to the Challenge – A decent card for Warbands where the leader is likely to die. 
  • Sepulchral Guard:  This box was hit quite hard by the Restrictions and Bans. Time Trap is gone, and the three restricted cards are good, but probably won’t make the 5 card slot in most decks. A few other interesting cards, but nothing you must have for any decks I can think of. 
    • #250 Crushing Force – A decent card now that there are so many two health model Warbands.
    • #259 Flawless Strategy – A somewhat easy to score objective card for some Warbands. 
    • #324 Forceful Denial – An interesting tool to have in your pocket. Really annoying when it works. 
    • #332 Illusionary Fighter – A very strong card, useful for charging dangerously forward and then pulling back, or just getting better positioning for an attack.
    • #357 Shattering Terrain – A good card for triggering My Turn, and doing a bit of extra damage. 
    • #375 Army Of One – A good card for low model Warbands like Stormcast.
    • #380 Cunning Duelist – An interesting mobility card
    • #393 Helpful Whispers – A decent defensive buff for any fighter
    • #414 Shadeglass Sword –  A good attack upgrade option now that Hammer and Dagger are Restricted. 
    • #420 Soultrap – A good durability card when it works. Forces the other player to assume they will have to kill your fighter twice.

12 thoughts on “Underworlds Buy Order: Post Thundrik’s and Guardians

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  2. Hi, I recently started playing, with my first purchase being the Godsworn Hunt. Would the above order still be best for this warband?

    Would it be worth trying out a magic focussed deck or is there not enough useful spells yet?

    I’m liking your posts, thanks!


    • Right now I think most competitive players are playing the Godsworn as very aggressive, with only a few, if any, spells. The main issue with their spell casting is that they only have 1 wizard, she is only level 1 until she inspires, and if she dies you can’t use any more spells. She can get up to level 3 with the right upgrade, but that’s just not very reliable.

      I would definitely suggest Skaven first, since Godsworn like a number of the cards in that box such as Rebound, Last Chance, Escalation, Master of War, and Spoils of Battle. After that I would still probably go with Farstriders deck for cards like Advancing Strike, Change of Tactics, Lethal Strike, Concealed Weapon, and Haymaker. Dwarves might actually a good 3rd pick, since Ready for action, Fuelled by Fury, and Trap are all good for them as well.

      If you go to the Warband article page there are a few articles about them, and you can see my current Godsworn deck on the My Decks page if you’d like an example of how I think you could run them. You might also be able to proxy some cards in the meantime before you buy everything if you are just playing casually.

      Hope that helps.


  3. Hey there! Love your guide and I often link it to others when they ask what warband to buy.

    Quick question: you ‘score’ Guard last, but I noticed that it does have the valuable Tactical Supremacy cards for objective decks. If I were to expand my Thorns deck, would I be correct in assuming it’d score higher than some others like the orcs and dwarves?


    • You certainly could score certain Warbands higher depending on the deck you are trying to build, so I’d certainly review them all and plan ahead. At the time of the original article tactical supremacy 1-4, 3-4, and so on were not particularly popular in the meta, though some people have recently had success with them (see the adepticon results), so I didn’t rate them very highly. Be aware that you can also get a tactical sup card in each of the Eyes of the Nine and in the new Thundrik’s Profiteers (which comes out today) boxes, so you still might be able to prioritize other sets of those are the only cards you are looking for. I’ll be updating this article in the next few days/weeks to include to the new cards, and will try to make sure I’m not leaving out any relevant cards. Thanks for the question and I’m glad you’ve found this helpful 😀.


      • Oh that’s a good point. I was planning on buying the two new warbands tomorrow and wanted to pick up Eyes of the Nine and Guard as well, for my Thorns deck. But if between Eyes and Profiteers I already get 2 tactical cards (both are 2 objectives right?) I might rather get Mollog instead of Guard, don’t have him yet! Thanks!


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